How to Search Torrent File within qBittorent

How to Search Torrent File within qBittorent

It is a lot of work finding a single torrent file from multiple torrent-indexing sites across the internet. And it is quite frustrating going through multiple pop-up ads from these sites just to end up with either a dead or zero seeder file. Thankfully, qBittorrent has a hidden feature that will make searching for torrent files easier and faster.

To those who are not aware, qBittorrent is a free, open-source software alternative to uTorrent and BitTorrent. Aside from being ad-free, it has a built-in torrent search engine.

Enable qBittorrent Built-in Search Engine

enable search engine

qBittorrent’s search engine is disabled by default and this is because it requires Python to work. But enabling it is easy, just go to View and select Search Engine.

Install Python

Python must be installed on your system for the search engine to work. Python is a programming language which this feature is coded so just follow the prompts to install. Or download it manually from the Python official website.

Install Plugins

search plugins

Once Python is installed, the Search tab will appear within qBittorrent. And the next step is to add some search plugins by clicking on Search plugins… button at the bottom right. Finally on the pop-up window, click on Check for updates to install and enable the default search plugins. The default search plugins include torrent indexing sites such as 1337x, Limetorrents, RARBG, Zooqle and more.

There are only a few torrent indexing websites that qBittorent support. Check here for more search plugins and see if what you are looking for specifically is available. Then follow this guide on how to install search plugins manually inside qBittorent.*


Using the search bar, type in the possible file name of the torrent file you are looking for. It will provide all the matching results found from all the installed and enabled search plugins. It will also conveniently show other relevant information such as File Size and the Number of Seeders for each torrent file.

Hopefully, this makes searching torrent file a lot easier and faster. Questions are welcome, just leave it on the comments section.