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Where to watch ABS-CBN after shutdown

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After NTC ordered ABS-CBN to stop operation due to its expired legislative franchise, channel 2 is just like the other non-broadcasting channels on our retro TV – no transmission, no signal. Just a screen full of static noise.

The image is definitely disheartening most importantly to those who had ABS-CBN as part of their daily lives. Although I am not completely affected by the shutdown, I feel the loss for some who solely rely on their informative and entertainment shows. 

So what happens now to ABS-CBN and its shows? Contrary to popular belief, the network may be off air on our obsolete analog TVs but it still lives on particularly on other broadcasting platforms especially online.



Think of it as ABS-CBN’s version of Netflix but without the paid subscription. Kapamilya shows are available for streaming right away after creating a free account. It offers tagalog movies, as well as a live broadcast of ANC – ABS-CBN’s News Channel. In fact, I was able to watch and stream the entire movie – John Denver Trending here with just a few interruptions from ads.


Unlike ABS-CBN, ANC is considered a content and not part of the cease and desist order. ANC is an ABS-CBN News Channel similar to CNN. It’s available on iWanT.ph for immediate streaming as well as satellite and cable television.

abscbn youtube


ABS-CBN has two YouTube channels – ABS-CBN News and ABS-CBN Entertainment. Before the lockdown, Showtime has been airing its daily live show on its entertainment channel. You will also find clips from its popular entertainment shows here. The news channel on the other hand offers news and current affairs videos and from time to time goes live too.


ABS-CBN is very active on social media particularly Facebook. Similar to YouTube, it has multiple Facebook pages based on different categories. There’s the ABS-CBN Network, ABS-CBN News and ABS-CBN Sports just to name a few. I suggest you follow those only you want to get updates from because they can flood your news feed very easily.

abscbn homepage

ABS-CBN Website

This is a text-rich platform for everything ABS-CBN. News, Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle etc. it’s all here. However, since it’s a website, most content is in text format with some accompanied by in-page videos. So prepare for lots of reading. Also it is heavily populated with ads, it might get annoying but it’s still free information right at your fingertips.

For now, these are the best alternatives and options while ABS-CBN settles its feud with the NTC and the government regarding its franchise. If you have anything to add to the list, feel free to send me an email or comment below.