How To Access BBC iPlayer Outside The UK

How To Access BBC iPlayer outside the UK

BBC iPlayer is the only VOD (Video-On-Demand) service where you can watch BBC channels and exclusive TV shows online. Although the service is entirely free, there is a huge catch. You have to be in the UK (United Kingdom) to unlock and gain access.

Let me remind you that this is not a sponsored post and I’m not promoting any services here. It’s just a simple workaround I discovered online so you can start streaming your favorite BBC shows like Taboo, His Dark Materials, Planet Earth, and other exclusive BBC programs on your computer or supported devices even if you’re outside the UK.

If you’re using a computer or Windows PC, I suggest you do this using the Chrome browser to simplify the steps. I find it easy and convenient to use Chrome because of the available plugin.

This tutorial assumes you already have created a BBC iPlayer account, otherwise, go to the BBC iPlayer website and create an account following the steps found here (How to create a BBC iPlayer account). Once you have a working account, its time to set up your Chrome browser for it to work seamlessly.

Create a MediaHint account

Go to the MediaHint website and create an account. MediaHint unblocks geo-restricted services and websites in any location. In other words, services like BBC iPlayer will remove the UK-only restriction in making its library of contents available to you anywhere. MediaHint is not a free service but it offers a 7-day trial upon sign-up without a need for any payment information. Luckily, creating an account using a temporary e-mail works as well. However, if creating a new account every time the trial expires is too tedious, just avail of its services for it is relatively affordable.

Install MediaHint Chrome Extension

Once your MediaHint account is email verified, just click on the Install Chrome Extension. The MediaHint Chrome extension can also be found here.  In the event, you are using a different device such as a mobile phone, tablet, Smart TV, or even a gaming console such as Playstation, you can still use MediaHint by changing your Internet Connection’s DNS. Instructions can be found here.

That’s basically it! If all is set accordingly, you should now be able to browse and binge-watch all BBC contents on the BBC iPlayer website. Hopefully, this helps you unlock BBC iPlayer in your location. If you have questions, feel free to ask in the comments section.