How To Change The Wifi Name & Password Of PLDT Home Fibr

If you are a new PLDT Fibr customer or an existing one who hasn’t changed anything on the default settings of your modem, you might want to consider doing some serious modifications on some of it particularly the default name and password of your wifi.

If you don’t have a single clue on what I’m talking about, have your wifi name (SSID) and password ready, these were the things PLDT gave you during the first few days upon the installation of your high-speed fiber optic internet connection. PLDT Fibr’s default wifi settings normally consist of some alphanumeric characters and specific prefixes like PLDTHOME and PLDTWIFI for the wifi name and password, respectively.

pldt fibr modem bottom sticker

Then you might want to compare these information with the Default WLAN SSID Name and Default Security written on the white sticker located at the bottom portion of your modem.  And if they end up being exactly identical, then you might have already been considered as the most generous person in the neighborhood by your computer savvy neighbors.

PLDT had some serious flaws with the way they formulated these default settings. At some point, some hacker had discovered how to decipher the password just by looking at the default wifi name and shared the methods online. A cheat sheet was created with the step by step guide on how to decipher or decode any PLDT Fibr wifi password just by converting some characters on the SSID or wifi name. It eventually spread like wildfire on social media and underground forum sites. This resulted for the method to be accessible, letting anyone hack into someone’s modems and getting free access to the legitimate user’s unlimited high speed internet connection.

Due to this incident, I cannot express enough the utmost importance of changing your Wi-Fi’s default name and password.

But don’t fret. Thru this blog, you should be able to have full protection to this digital epidemic and have full control and ownership to your beloved high speed fiber optic internet connection.

pldt fibr modem reset botton

Step 1 – Reset your PLDT Fibr Modem

Look for the reset button located on the right side of your modem. Use a toothpick or anything similar and press the reset button for 5 seconds. This would reboot your modem and change everything into its default settings.

Step 2 – Connect to your PLDT Fibr Modem / Router

Your device should connect and do this automatically. If not, just connect normally using the default WiFi name & password.

pldt modem gui

Step 3 – Access your PLDT Fibr Modem’s GUI (Graphical User Interface)

This is where the modem’s settings including your wifi settings are located. To access your modem’s GUI, open any internet browser and go to . Login using the word user for the username and 1234 for the password.

pldt gui settings

Step 4 – Change the settings

I suggest you change both your GUI login details (Account Management) and Wi-Fi name (SSID) and password on this page. So in the event that someone has gained access to your WiFi, that person could not change any settings on your modem including anything inside your modem’s GUI. Finally, hit the save button to keep your new settings.

Remember that if you change your Wi-Fi name & Password form this page, any device connected wireless would be disconnected automatically. To fix this, just reconnect to the new Wifi name (SSID) and password you just created.

Hopefully this would secure your PLDT Fibr WiFi connection. If you have any questions, you can just leave a comment below.

Original Article by The Modern Pinoy