Gcash Xbox Game Pass

How to Get Xbox Game Pass using Globe GCash

Microsoft is pushing its Xbox Game Pass as the next big subscription-based gaming service. Think of it as Netflix but for video games. With over 100 high quality titles available ready to be played such as Halo, Gears of War, Minecraft and more, it is a promising one. However, if you are like me who lives outside the 22 countries where Xbox Game Pass is only available, the only way to get that $1 first month subscription is to use a US PayPal account. And luckily, I found a way to get one working using Globe’s GCash.

First you need to make sure that AMEX Virtual Pay is active and working on your Globe GCash. If you do, then the next steps should be easy.

Create a US PayPal account

This step is crucial. Any purchase of Xbox Game Pass requires a payment method created in countries where the service is available. To do this, you will need a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and connect to a US server. The one I use is VPN Gate (Soft Ether VPN), it may not have a user-friendly interface but it works fine and its totally free. Once connected to a US server, go to PayPal US and create an account. You will need a working US phone number to verify your account. Use ReceiveSMS for this step.

Reminder: I suggest bookmarking the webpage of the US number you are using for future use.

Link your AMEX Virtual Pay account with PayPal

Once you have a working US PayPal account, just add your AMEX Virtual Pay Debit Card into your US PayPal account. Linking has some testing fees needed to make sure your account is good. But in my case, it was only for PHP5.00 and it got credited back to the account almost immediately.

Change Microsoft Account’s Region/Country to US

Go to your Microsoft Profile page and edit your country/region to United States.

Purchase Xbox Game Pass with your US PayPal

Go to the Xbox Game Pass page and buy yourself a subscription using your new US PayPal account. As of this writing, the first month of either the Ultimate or PC standard plan is available for just $1.

Download and install the Xbox app for Windows to fully enjoy the service. VPN is no longer required to use Xbox App on Windows PC. I can play any available titles including multiplayer ones such as Final Fantasy XV, Forza and Dead by Daylight without masking my IP. Hopefully, this helps you get Xbox Game Pass working with your Globe Gcash account and like always if you have questions, feel free to ask below.