5 Reasons Why I Quit Playing Dota 2

After more than 5000 hours playing Dota 2, I finally decided to quit. Although my entire experience was fun, this was only the game where I felt both frustrated and exhausted. 

I decided to write this blog after two months of not touching the game. I tried quitting this game before but, just after a few days, I still see myself coming back. However, this time around, it is final. Here are the things that made me quit.

5. Dota 2 is not beginner-friendly

I never really see myself as an avid Dota 2 player. I never played the original Dota when it was still just a modded map inside Warcraft. So to me, everything was new, and it is not that easy. Dota 2 has more than 100 items available in its in-game shop that any of its more than 100 heroes can purchase to improve one’s ability. Just imagine how complex the game could be when those things are mixed-up in a 5v5 MOBA. I had to spend lots of hours understanding just the basics of this game, how to play a role effectively because the tutorial was not even close to being helpful. I was just glad that I had friends who were patient enough to teach me almost everything they knew about the game. And even after spending 5000 hours in this game, I still haven’t perfected the basics.

4. Game limitations

Dota 2 is not a perfect game, and even though it has improved over the years, it still has flaws. I’m not saying that it has to be perfect for it to be enjoyable, but there are certain things in this game that restrict me from enjoying it to the fullest because the developer thinks it is for the best. I usually play as a support, and for someone who most of the time has the least amount of gold in the game, I find support items in this game to be unbalanced and expensive based on the gold acquired. Another thing that frustrates me is the limitations on the purchase of wards and support items. How come there is a cooldown in one use of dust when all heroes can be invisible all the time with their abilities or invisibility items.

3. Greedy Battle Pass

Of all the games I’ve played, Dota2 is the greediest game in terms of rewards collected from purchasing a Battle Pass. There is this one time where I almost spent $100 for one single Battle Pass as well as levels, and the game rewards you with a small chance of getting rare items and give you a spins for garbage cosmetics and in-game sounds effects that would only be usable during the duration of the season. There is also this friend of mine who just purchased the 2020 Battle Pass and spent more than $100 this season and yet hasn’t reached that Wraith King Arcana. So good luck to him grinding, which most of the time doesn’t work in increasing BP level. Not to mention, reaching that Queen of Pain and Wind Ranger Arcana. In comparison with other games Battle Pass, grinding is rewarding and the game rewards you accordingly based on the time you spend in-game. 

4. Toxic Community

One of the reasons why I play online games is to relax and relieve stress myself from everything going on in the real world. Like most games, it’s a great escape from the harsh reality. However, the Dota 2 community and players have the most toxic and infuriating attitude. It is ordinary for Dota 2 players most particularly in SEA server to throw harsh and most of the time racial slurs to one another. And the game doesn’t do much to penalize such behavior. You just have to deal with it and, hopefully, strong enough emotionally not to be distracted.

5. Game is long

I’m not sure how much time you want to spend in one single game, but for me, a 1-hour or more for a single ranked match is too long without an option to concede. Yes, there is no way to surrender a match in Dota2. So you have to painfully watch your team get wrecked all throughout until the final objective of destroying the ancient is done. And when you abandon a ranked match, you get penalized. Again, another restriction made by developers of the game so you just have to deal with it. Before I finally quit Dota 2, most of my games lasted for roughly an hour just right after the developer made some changes to how players earn gold in-game. And that’s every time one whole hour for one single game. 

With all the games available today, Dota2 is still fun to play especially with friends but there are other games out there that I think are more worthy of my time and money. It would take serious convincing to go back, play again, and endure its never-ending flaws.