Great Gaming Duo – Rakk iLig Mousepad and Rakk Quildap Mouse Review

Rakk Gaming Mouse and Mousepad

Rakk Quildap mouse and Rakk iLig mousepad is a nice bundle and a good replacement for any aging computer mouse and mousepad.

A few days I go, I decided to replace my old mouse and mousepad with Rakk Quildap Ergonomic mouse and Rakk iLig High Precision Gaming mousepad. And so far, I’m loving these two. I bought these on Lazada for less than P800. I had the option to buy each separately but getting both as a bundle ended up cheaper so I went with the later. The delivery took roughly 3 business days. Not the fastest delivery I’ve experienced ordering from Lazada but I’m not complaining for it still reasonably fast.


Rakk Quildap Mouse

Rakk Quildap Erogonomic Illuminated gaming Mouse

Rakk Quildap is an ergonomic, illuminated gaming mouse. My first use of this mouse was inside an internet cafe playing DOTA2 in Puerto Galera. And after playing my favorite MOBA game on PC with the locals, I immediately fell in love with it. It’s non slippery surface or rubber-textured top is helping a lot in maintaining my grip on the mouse and its size is just perfect for my hand size. My friend told me that it’s quite big compared to a regular mouse which I agree but if you have an above average hand size like me, I think Rakk Quildap overall size is just perfect.

Dimension: 11 cm x 13.5 cm x 5 cm (L x H x W) and weighs 200 grams

Rakk Quildap mouse uses gold-plated USB and the cord is nicely braided which serves as protection. It has a DPI button that cycles through every supported DPI (800, 100, 1600 and 2400). Aside from the normal left and right click buttons, there are also two additional programmable buttons on the left side. These two also work as back and forward buttons when browsing the internet using any internet browsers such as Chrome or Firefox.

Rakk claims that Rakk Quildap is equipped with OMRON switch technology which could withstand up to 20 million clicks. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and it is still working in perfect condition with no sign of failing anytime soon so I think that OMRON switch is doing its job really well.

Rakk Quildap Red Mouse

The mouse is also illuminated which lights up the mouse wheel button and the Rakk logo. It comes in three colors – red, green and blue. I ordered the red one because it matches with my other PC peripherals.

Rakk Quildap is a great versatile mouse. I can’t say it’s perfect but for its price, I am have no complaints. I don’t play a lot of games on my computer except for DOTA2 and Rules of Survival (ROS) and I could say that for any shooting or MOBA game, this mouse should work pretty well with complete accuracy.


Rakk iLig Mousepad

Rakk iLig

Out of the two, the Rakk iLig Extended High Precision Mouse Pad definitely holds the best value. The materials used in creating this mousepad are all high-quality making it easy to love.

Aside from its durable build, the Rakk iLig mousepad is also very huge in size. It has an overall dimension of 78 cm in length x 30 cm in height. Resulting in a gliding area of roughly 84 cm diagonally. With its huge surface, my gaming headset including other computer accessories such as my keyboard and mouse are all resting neatly on top of it with adequate extra space for a clutter-free look.

Rakk iLig Gaming Mousepad

The Rakk iLig has also a thickness of 5 mm which is 5x thicker than ordinary cheap mouse pads. The backing or base is made from soft rubber so it holds its position very well on any surface. In addition, the soft material serves as a cushion that relaxes my tired hands and wrist after doing some intensive computer tasks.



Overall the Rakk Quildap mouse and Rakk iLig mouse pad are definitely worth the asking price. I could easily recommend buying the bundle if it still ended up cheaper than buying each separately. However, if you already have a nice mouse and a bad mouse pad, buying the Rakk iLig alone is highly recommended for it brings out the best value for your money.

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