How to Watch US Netflix in the Philippines

Unblock US Netflix in the Philippines

If you live outside the US and have a monthly Netflix subscription, you might be disappointed to know that due to region restrictions, the list of available TV shows and movies differ from region to region.

Take for example the latest remake of the Taiwanese drama series, Meteor Garden. Meteor Garden 2018 which now casts Chinese actors is currently available in certain regions like the US and not available for viewing in certain countries like the Philippines because of the licensing agreements between Netflix and its content providers.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been using Smart DNS Proxy to bypass these restrictions. And it’s the only thing I need to make my Netflix to stay similar to what US Netflix users are seeing and watching on their subscriptions. In other words, it would appear as if I am watching from the US.

Smart DNS Proxy allows the unblocking of websites and digital contents. This means that upon signing up for the service, not only you will get US Netflix, you will also get access to up to 400+ US-specific contents, channels and services like Hulu, Roku, Vevo, Pandora and more.

Meteor Garden 2018 on Netflix Philippines

So how does Smart DNS Proxy works to unlock Netflix US?

Well, every website has its own Internet Protocol (IP) address. And Domain Name System (DNS) serves as a phonebook storing these IP addresses so you only have to remember instead of By using Smart DNS Proxy, all your DNS queries will go thru their network and routing your connection to appear as if you are coming from a certain region.

Smart DNS Proxy is not a free service. However, for a fraction of what you pay for your monthly Netflix subscription, you will unlock your Netflix to showcase its full potential, filled with robust content including that new Meteor Garden remake and other shows you are binging to watch. Tip: Sign up for a 14day trial and wait for their future emails for a discounted subscription.


Sign-up for a Smart DNS Proxy account and get 14 days free trial.


Set-Up Smart DNS Proxy  to unlock Netflix US

setting up router dns server

Setting up Smart DNS Proxy is easy. All you have to do is change the DNS servers on the device you wish to gain access. Or you could also change the DNS server of your router so you don’t need to setup the DNS in every device connected to the router. If you live in the Philippines, I suggest you use the Singapore and Japan DNS servers which are and respectively. Once the DNS are set properly, head over to your Smart DNS Proxy account and click Activate next to IP Activation to link your IP address to your Smart DNS Proxy account. Once all four configurations check-marks are green, it means you are good to go.