How to Get FREE Heroes in Arena of Valor (AOV)

How to Get Free AOV Heroes

Pinoys are currently rejoicing after Garena’s first MOBA game Arena of Valor or AOV hit both the Philippines Google Play Store and iOS App Store last October 17 – two years after its initial release in China.

I am a huge fan of MOBA games particularly DOTA 2 on PC. So when I heard about this new MOBA game for mobile phones, I immediately tried it the day it was released. To be honest, I do not like virtual controls but surprisingly, I fell in love with AOV for some reason which didn’t happen when I tried Mobile Legends for the first time.

Similar to Garena’s League of Legends on PC, AOV offers limited number of playable heroes each week. But you can use the game’s virtual currencies to purchase any heroes you like. Right now, there are three virtual currencies that AOV uses in purchasing in-app items including heroes – Gold, Gems and Vouchers.

Voucher in AOV

Voucher is the only in-game currency that can be obtained with real money. Buying vouchers uses whatever payment option you have stored in your app store. And this is by far the easiest way of getting a hero permanently.

Purchase Hero in AOV

One way of getting FREE heroes in AOV is buying them in the shop using golds and gems. These in-app currencies appear as rewards in the game. And with enough golds or gems, you can purchase a hero without spending real money.  You do this by going to the shop and selecting the Heroes tab. Tap on the Purchase button right beneath the hero’s picture to reveal the purchasing options. Finally, select Buy Hero and choose your desired currency to complete the purchase. Lately, AOV has been very generous in throwing free golds and gems to players since launch so I was able to earn enough to permanently acquire two heroes using this method.

Road To Glory

Another way of getting FREE heroes in AOV is completing in-game events. Currently there are 8 free heroes available in the ongoing Road to Glory event. And all you have to do is complete at least 3 games to unlock and receive one hero permanently. A total of two heroes can be acquired per day so you have to play another set of 3 or 6 games on another day. Just take note that AOV time resets at 5am Philippine time and not during midnight.

The event counts all game modes except Custom, Bot and Abandoned games. So you can play any Ranked or Casual game and it will be counted. But if you want to quickly complete this event, I suggest playing Valley Skirmish for this is the quickest mode in AOV – lasting only 4-6 minutes per game.

Lastly, check out Garena’s Arena of Valor PH on Facebook  for any announcement about contests, freebies and promos relating to the game.