How To Get Free FOX+ Subscription with your Cignal TV


Learn how to get FREE FOX+ subscription along with your CIGNAL TV account.

FOX+ is a subscription-based streaming service in the Philippines that is similar to Netflix, iFlix and Hooq. FOX+ subscribers can stream popular TV series like the  complete season of The Walking Dead from Season 01 to 07, American Horror Story, Homeland and more. There are also some Hollywood & Asian movies, as well as live channels such as FOX Sports and FOX Movies ready for streaming.

And if you are a paying postpaid Cignal TV subscriber, you might want to check what plan you currently have because as long as you are subscribed to Cignal FOX Plan 390 or Postpaid Plan 490 and up including Plan 630, Plan 830, Plan 990, Plan 1290 and Plan 1590, your plan comes bundled with a FOX+ account and subscription free of charge.

All you have to do is create a Cignal TV account online via the Cignal website. You will need your account number and smart card number to complete the registration process. You can refer to your billing statement for the account number and your Smart Card inserted into your Cignal Setup Box for the 12 digit code smart card number.

Make sure you turn off your Cignal Box first before pulling the card out to avoid any damages.

Once you have created your Cignal TV account, go to the FOX+ website if you are on a computer or use the official app for Android or iOS and sign in using your Cignal account. That’s basically it! You can now enjoy and start unlimited streaming of all the available contents from its large variety of contents that includes TV Series, Movies, Documentaries, Sports and Live TV.

If you don’t have an eligible Cignal TV account, you can still sign up for the FOX+ service using your Facebook or Gmail account and enjoy the 30 day trial then just pay the P390 monthly subscription using your Smart or PLDT account after it expires.

FOX+ currently works with web browsers such as Chrome, Safari and Firefox. There are also dedicated FOX+ app available for android and iOS devices including Google Chromecast and Apple TV. FOX+ supports offline mode too where you can download any content and watch it later even without internet connection. Some shows are also available in High-Definition and becomes available right away once it airs in the US. For more information about FOX Plus, check out the FOX+ FAQ page.