Cignal TV offers free streaming of all Game of Thrones episodes

Game of Thrones in CignalPlay

Game of Thrones is huge especially that it is at its final season. My Facebook news feed is automatically flooded with GOT hashtags left and right whenever a new episode becomes available, not to mention multiple posts about that viral Starbucks cup having its own screen time in one of the latest episodes.

I am no longer following the show but I’ve seen a couple of seasons and caught some latest episodes whenever someone in the house watches it. My sister in particular is obsessed with it and streams it online whenever it becomes available for viewing.

Two years ago I wrote a blog about Cignal and Fox+ partnership, giving any postpaid Cignal subscriber an automatic Fox+ subscription. Then late last year, Cignal announced CignalPlay, an over-to-top free service for existing Cignal TV subscribers, offering premium contents such as Video On Demand (VOD) and live channel streaming for PC and mobile devices.

GOT Season 8

Included as VOD are all the episodes of Game of Thrones starting from Season 01 to Season 08. It’s like having a free HBO On Demand subscription which costs around $15/month in the US except its free with every Cignal TV subscription. And surprisingly, the show is updated regularly whenever a new episode becomes available.

To access CignalPlay, you would need a Cignal account. Create one here if you don’t have one, otherwise, go to and sign in with your existing Cignal account. You could find all 8 seasons of Game of Thrones including all episodes in full HD under Videos then HBO On Demand.