GLOBE GOSAKTO is a perfect way to have full control over what you spend on your prepaid phone. You can mix and match multiple services that will suit your budget and at the same time get the necessary services you need.

With all the possible combinations available, it would be a taxing job to go through every single Globe GOSAKTO promo just to find that it couldn’t be combined with another promo.

With a little bit of research, I believe I found what I consider as the perfect 30-day Globe Sakto promo which combines all necessary mobile phone services such as text, call and data in one sweet package.

And it could be done by combining two Globe GOSAKTO promos – GOCOMBOAHABFF181 and GOCOMBOGKEBFA47. Let’s try to breakdown what you would get with these two.

GOCOMBOAHABFF181 gives 10 minutes worth of calls to Globe and TM numbers, 1000 texts to all networks and 10MB of data. All valid for 30 days for P181.

While GOCOMBOGKEBFA47 gives 500 minutes of calls to Globe and TM numbers, 20 texts to all networks and 1GB of data. All valid for 1 day for P47.

You don’t have to worry about the 1 day validity of GOCOMBOGKEBFA47 because since GOCOMBOAHABFF181 has a longer validity of 30 days, Globe’s system would always use the one with the longest validity across all your registered promo as duration of your GOSAKTO which in this case is 30 days.

Combining both GOCOMBOAHABFF181 and GOCOMBOGKEBFA47 would give you a total of 510 minutes of calls to Globe and TM numbers, 1020 texts to all networks as well as 1GB of data for one whole month for less than P300 a month or P228 to be exact. Just send the right keyword to 8080 to register.

Here are some tips to fully maximize this perfect GOSAKTO promo:

  • Tip #1 -If the 1GB data is too small for you, you can always register to GOTSCOMBOKEA37 anytime as long as your GOSAKTO is active and valid for an additional 1GB of data.
  • Tip #2 – You can register again to GOCOMBOAHABFF181 before the original expires to extend all the remaining minutes, texts and data for another 30days.