My Experience Ordering Imported Goods on Lazada

A few weeks ago, my 3 year old DragonWare Gaming Headset stopped working. I’m not really sure how it ended up having a nick on its rubberized coated wiring but I’m thinking that my newly adopted puppy is the culprit. She probably chewed on the rubberized coating, exposing the internal parts and finally cutting the wires.

Because of what happened, I decided to look for a replacement. My first and only attempt was to look on Amazon’s best selling gaming headsets. Amazon in my opinion is a good place to start finding great consumer products given how most of the items on the website are rated based on the reviews by people who have already used and purchased the items.

And I was not disappointed because that’s where I found the #1 Best-Selling Gaming headset which what I ended up buying – the Sades SA902 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound USB Gaming Headset with Mic and Volume Control.

I live in the Philippines so ordering from Amazon would cost me a lot of money and time for the shipping alone so I looked for any local stores that might have the item. Luckily, the item is available on Lazada, an Amazon-like online store for consumer products that caters the Asian region including my country. However, unlike most of the products on Lazada that are locally available, the Sades SA-902 Gaming Headset has to ship from abroad from a seller in China.

For me, that is still better than ordering directly from Amazon because Lazada ships items to the buyer’s shipping address without the need to go thru a local Post Office which I found to be a painful and costly pick-up process <insert rolling eyes if you know what I mean>. LOL.

Amazon has the item listed for $29.99 which is around P1,500 when converted into pesos with a P50 to $1 exchange rate. But surprisingly, Lazada has it listed for a sweet price of only P1,267.96 on the date of my purchase, cheaper than Amazon’s price. What made my purchase even sweeter is how Lazada handles items listed as “Item Ships from Abroad” such as this. Items listed as “Item Ships from Abroad” are delivered to the buyer’s shipping address’ doorstep directly and hassle-free. Lazada also takes care of the other possible charges like customs fees, taxes and handling fees on imported goods.

I ordered the item on a Friday night and received it the following Thursday. Yes, it took only four business days before finally getting the item. I was actually amazed how fast the delivery was given that it came all the way from China.

The item was properly packed on a thick gray plastic bag similar to what LBC uses on parcel packages but more durable and sturdier. The box of the Sades SA902 Headset was also packed really well with bubble wraps around it, protecting the entire box and whatever is inside.

The only downside in buying imported goods on Lazada is the warranty. The Sades SA-902 Gaming Headset I ordered only came with 7 days return policy without any manufacturer’s warranty. So any possible issues I may encounter beyond that timeframe is already my problem. This means that I could only return the item back within seven days if it happened to arrive damaged or defective. I knew the risk before hand but the item was perfectly working when I got it. It was enough for me not to complain or regret which probably for some is considered a risky purchase.

This is not my first online order, every item I bought from Lazada has been smooth and flawless which give me enough peace of mind to trust their service. I’ll also be putting up another blog for my full review on the Sades SA902 Gaming Headset once I have enough time using it, so watch out for the review here on my site.

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