We tried Ohayo Ramen Bar in Maginhawa and loved it!

Ohayo Ramen Bar Maginhawa

Last Saturday, me and my partner watched the last full show of Bumblebee movie at Vertis North cinema in Quezon City. Since it was already late and the mall was already closed, we had no other choice but to go somewhere else to grab some food to eat.

We live near Maginhawa street in Quezon City so we decided to take a quick detour in the area and look for some appetizing quick bites that would fill our grumbling bellies. It was already past 11pm and most restaurants were already closed. However, one restaurant in particular – Ohayo Ramen Bar was still open and had people inside who looked like they were having a good time. Since we both love ramen noodles, we decided to give it a try.


The exterior of the Ohayo Ramen Bar was inviting and was the one that really caught our attention. Nice looking Japanese lanterns – also known as Chochin were hanging just right outside the restaurant which gave the place a simple yet authentic Japanese vibe. There is also huge mural inspired by Japanese culture inside that is not easy to miss.

Food and Taste

I ordered the Shoyu Ramen from the menu while my partner asked for a Tonkotsu Ramen. While we were waiting for our food to be served, we asked one of the staffs if they provide house tea for diners and the staff gladly asked if we want it cold or hot. The serving of free tea was definitely a plus for us for we always asked for these whenever we dine at other Ramen houses like Ramen Nagi.

After a few minutes, our ramen were served hot in huge metal bowls. My Shoyu ramen was clean looking, unexaggerated but with a good smelling steam coming from the soy based broth. The bowl came with a Torched Chashu (pork), Narutomaki (processed seafood), Leeks (leaf), Nori (edible seaweed), Menma (bamboo shoots), Aji Tamago (soft boiled egg). All of these were complementing the soy based broth and ramen noodles perfectly. I was overall satisfied with the taste and definitely made me full with a very happy tummy.

On the other hand, the Tonkotsu Ramen was more richer in flavor and taste. It also came with everything I had with the Shoyu except for the broth that truly had a lush taste of pork. I would suggest ordering this if you are looking for a much exuberant flavor.

Price and Final Thoughts

Surprisingly, Ohayo Ramen Bar food prices are 10% cheaper than other Ramen houses we have gone to like Ramen Nagi and Kichitora Tokyo. In fact, the taste and overall experience are pretty much comparable but definitely for less. In comparison with Ramen Nagi, we would have to order and pay for a Tamago separately while Ohayo Ramen Bar has it already included in every ramen bowl we ordered.

This alone makes Ohayo Ramen Bar affordable than other popular ramen houses out there. But paying less doesn’t mean the experience would be lesser for we had a great time and loved every second we spent inside.

With food that is overall satisfying, we would definitely recommend Ohayo Ramen Bar Maginhawa especially to those who love a quick bowl of delicious ramen.

Ohayo Ramen Bar opens daily starting at 5PM and closes at 12MN with last order at 11:45PM. It is located at 108 Maginhawa Street, Diliman Quezon City. Check also their official Facebook page for more info.