Quick Food Trip at The Station Maginhawa

The Station Maginhawa Food Park

If you live around Quezon city or near Sikatuna Village and looking for a quick food tripping, you might want to check The Station Food Park at Maginhawa, Diliman.

The Station Food Park is located along Maginhawa which is a famous road in Diliman, Quezon City for its vast variety of fast-food, restaurants, and food stalls along the highway. And now a couple of food parks are starting to appear in this popular haven for food lovers.


Similar to other food parks around Metro Manila, The Station is packed with various food stalls catering different kinds of appetite. With a lot of choices to choose from, you will definitely find something that would satisfy any rumbling stomach for a very affordable price.

yusufs shawarma at thestation

One of my favorites whenever I go at The Station is the Beef Shawarma Rice and a plate of  Beef Shawarma on Nachos from Yusuf’s Shawarma. The meat and vegetables including the sauces complement one another perfectly for a very satisfying beef shawarma experience.


Yusuf’s Beef Shawarma  on Nachos


Yusuf’s Beef Shawarma Rice

And for an extra ₱10, you can have every meal served with pure meat without any of the vegetables or you could keep the vegetables and have added cheese for an extra flavor.


If you are looking for something with caribbean flavors, you are in luck because another favorite order of ours at The Station is the Pork Belly Brazilian Fajitas from Churrascaria. This one is also packed with flavors and very delicious especially the pork belly.

Brazilian Fajitas

Churrascaria’s Pork Belly Brazilian Fajitas

Pork Belly Brazilian Fajitas from Churrascaria

Churrascaria’s Pork Belly Brazilian Fajitas

And the price is very reasonable, ranging from only ₱155 to ₱199 depending on your choice of meat (Chicken, Pork Belly and Beef).


There is also a stall called Cheese-o-holic for those cheese lovers. This is where my friend ordered his freshly baked lasagna for ₱180. With all the other food, this was probably the only disappointing one especially with it’s not-so-cheap price.


The food was poorly presented. The lasagna itself together with two, dull slices of bread were placed on a cheap piece of paper plate used for take-away orders. It was also small for its price. And even though, the lasagna is full of mozzarella cheese, I still find it short in flavor even with the pasta sauce.

buttered shrimp

Captain Marley’s Buttered Shrimp

We were really hungry the night we stopped by The Station Maginhawa so regardless of all the food lying on our table, we still decided to order another delicious and tasty buttered shrimp from a stall that sells seafood. Captain Marley was the name of the stall and they also have fried crablets and squids on the menu.


You could also order a bucket of local beers such as Red Horse or San Mig Light from most of the food stalls if you want some alcoholic drinks. A bucket of beer costs around ₱300-350 with others serving it with pulutan. We normally order at Dona Levita because they have our favorite Smirnoff Mule for ₱70 a bottle and they always serve it on a fancy Beer Caddy or those wooden beer holders together with beer mugs and bucket of ice.


The Station has a small parking space in front of the entire place. You can also do on-street parking along the edges of the Maginhawa road whenever parking becomes limited, just keep an eye out for empty spaces. The place also has clean restrooms and designated smoking area for smokers located on the second floor dining area right above the food stalls.

As per The Station’s Official Facebook Page, their official business hours are

4PM – 12AM every Sunday to Thursday and

4PM – 1AM every Friday and Saturday

The Station is located at 178 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village Quezon City, Philippines 1101